Faure in business

There are a number of members of the Faure family that own and run a business somewhere. There are also companies that use the Faure name - some due to location, others because of a previous Faure connection. Whatever, all are doing the Faure name proud. I list here those that caught my eye.

Here in South Africa:


The legal practice of Faure & Faure was established in 1880 by Pieter Hendrik Faure (1848 - 1914) with offices in Paarl. Pieter's son Koos (Jacobus Christiaan 1879 - 1955) joined his father after he qualified as attorney.

From 1889 Pieter Hendrik was member of Parliament for 23 years, 14 of which as minister. He was knighted in 1895 and became known as Sir Pieter.

The practice is still active in Paarl.



Faure Consultants are based in Kwa-Zulu Natal and are specialist Asphalt manufacturers and Silo builders. They also provide material handling, water treatment and sewage treatment services.



Cape Town based Glen Faure Wines distribute and market wine in the informal sector, and export wine to Angola, Mozambique and Nigeria. He has partnered with wineries in various wine regions and sell quality wines at a reasonable price.

I have not yet been able to establish a link with the Faure family.


.... and in other parts of the world:


Today Faure is just another brand in the giant Swedish company Electrolux. Faure is well known in Europe for upmarket electric appliances, like fridges, stoves etc.

It all started in 1854 and the brand is still alive and well. In fact, according to Electrolux: 'Faure has insisted on staying at the front of design and innovation, especially in recent years. That effort paid off significantly, as Faure was rated the number 3 brand in France from 1970 through 1988.'



Perhaps the biggest success story in Faure business history had its origins in 1914 when Bertrand Faure opened his workshop to manufacture cushions and spring backs for automotive seats. The company diversified into bedding in 1954.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Bertrand Faure continued to grow. By 1971 it was actively involved in most European countries. By 1982 they diversified into the luggage business with the purchase of Delsey. 1983 saw them enter the North-American market and by 1989 Bertrand Faure Automobile entered the UK and Japan and by 1996 they opened offices in China, Korea and Brazil.

Growth, also through acquisitions, continued and by 1999 followed the merger with ECIA and the birth of Faurecia.

Today Faurecia is the 6th largest international automotive parts manufacturer. One in four new automobiles is equipped by Faurecia. It designs and manufactures seats, exhaust systems, interior systems (dashboards, centre consoles, door panels, acoustic modules) exterior modules (front ends, exterior systems and shock absorption systems) and decorative aspects of a vehicle. It operates over 320 production sites in 34 countries worldwide with the help of more than 95,000 employees.

Well done Bertrand!



Paris based Pierre Faure Automobiles was one of the first companies to produce electric cars.

During WW2 fuel was not easy to come by and Pierre Faure introduced his 'Electra' in 1941. This remarkable and ground breaking vehicle ran off 6 batteries. It was capable of a maximum speed of near 40km/h and a reach of 80km between charges.

Due to a shortage of material at the time, only 25 units were built, some of which are still in existence.



Based in Lyon, France, Faure Tourisme has been around for more than 160 years.

Currently they operate from 9 offices plus various agencies, and have more than 1000 employees to attend to various customer needs. 



There is no longer a Faure involved, but the story justify inclusion in this list. It all started with the Frenchman Pedro Faure that started a printing press in Lisbon, Portugal in 1727.

By 1732, Pedro opened a bookstore in Rua Direito do Loreto, Lisbon. During 1742 his son-in-law, Pierre Bertrand, joined the business and the name was changed to "Pedro Faure & Bertrand".

Thestore was destoyed during the earthquake of 1755 and rebuilt on Rua Garrett on the Chiado square, Lisbon, where it still operate today, as well as in 52 other branches.

During 2010 the Guinness Book of World Records entered Livraria Bertrand as the oldest bookstore in the world that is still in business.


You will appreciate that it is near impossible to list every business with a Faure connection here. If however you own or know of a business that warrant inclusion, please let me have the details.