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This is a list of websites with a Faure connection, and in no specific order.
It may be a website that use the name, or a business run by a member of the Faure family.
If you know of more, please let me know. I may just add it to this list.

here in south africa

www.faurefaure.co.za Legal practice in Paarl.
www.faurewinefarms.co.za Wine grape producers owned by a Faure family.
www.megfaure.com Occupational Therapist/Author based in Cape Town.
www.vergenoegd.co.za Award winning wines made by a Faure on a Faure farm.
www.glenfaurewines.co.za Wine distributor and Exporter.
www.duncanfauremusic.com Duncan Faure - well known musician - now lives in Pretoria and America.
facebook.com/zanjefaure Zanje Faure - Photographer in Middelburg Mpumalanga.
www.faureconsultants.co.za Waste Water Treatment by Philip Faure in Natal.
www.fouronfaure.com Self-catering accommodation on Faure Street, Knysna.
www.villa10.co.za Durbanville guesthouse, owner-managed by Faure Coetzee.
www.knorhoek.co.za/guesthouse Knorhoek Country Guesthouse owned by Carol van Niekerk (nee Faure) near Stellenbosch.

from around the world

www.edgarfaure.fr The Edgar Faure Association presides over an annual Political Literary Award, "Prix Edgar Faure".
www.faure.com More about the Faure brand in the Swedish Electrolux conglomerate.
www.faurecia.com The multi-national Faurecia corporation.
www.faureherman.com A French company, founded in 1925, that design and manufacture high-accuracy flow-meters.
www.faureequip.com Faure Equipments design and manufacture equipment used in filtration and dewatering systems.
www.sauzehotelfaure.it Hotel Chalet Faure, a mountain hotel in Sauze d'Oulx, west of Turin in the Italian Alps.
www.julien-faure.fr Julien Faure, a French company that creates ribbons and silky fabrics.
www.michaelfaure.be Michael Faure, Professor in law, Maastricht University (Netherlands).
www.faurequartett.de Based in Germany, one of the world’s leading piano quartets.
johanfaurebrac.wix.com Johannes Faure-Brac - Industrial designer from Embrun, France.
www.jlfaure.fr Jean-Luc Faure - Artist (painter) from Montreuil, France.
www.faurethierry.com Thierry Faure - Artist (painter) from Les Iffs, France.
www.sabinefaure.com Sabine Faure - Photographer from Avignon, France.
www.yannick-faure.com Yannick Faure - Fashion Photographer from St Tropez, France.
www.julesfaure.com Jules Faure - Photographer / Graphic Designer from Paris, France.
faurepatrick.blogspot.com Patrick Faure - French Photographer.
www.jeanfaure.com Chateau Jean Faure - Wine producers from St Emilion in the Bordoux region of France.
www.maisonchristianfaure.ca Christian Faure - Own and run a Patisserie, Montreal, Canada.
www.ranafaure.com Rana Faure - New York based photographer.
www.photopassionsergefaure.com Serge Faure - Photographer from Rouen, France.
www.heloisefaure.com Heloise Faure - French photographer based in London.
www.mikefaure.com Mike Fauré - South African Saxophone player, now based in Chicago.
www.jazzfaure.com The Jazz Faure project - Gabriel Fauré compositions with a jazz flavour.

If you have more information on the Faure family that you would like to share with us, or if you want to correct some of my information, or even if you just want to chat with me, you are welcome to contact me here: faure @ faure.co.za

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